Micro-Nano-Bubbles BOLLINA PRO+ & CO2 Pet Grooming Tab

Human grade Bollina Pro+ is a specially designed showerhead allowing to experience bicarbonate and micro-nano-bubble effect at the same time. Micro-Nano-Bubbles are able to remain under the water for several hours and the bubbles become smaller due to the pressure which occurred by interfacial tension, and then crush by themselves. Bollina Pr...o+ produces the bubbles by using air which is contained in water. It can generate bubbles stably since there is no influence from open air. By creating all this, it will have the completely cleansing effect from the bicarbonate ion that remove mineral dirt with its strong negatively charged ions while micro-nano-bubbles approach the dirt such as grease and sweat inside the pores. With the help of the CO2 Pet Grooming Tab, water become softer and dissolved CO2 tab will have a healing effect on the skin while micro-nano-bubbles bring hot water into the pores and make the skin moisturized, and it help to saving 50% water compare to conventional showerhead. Micro-Nano-Bubbles BOLLINA PRO+ CO2 Pet Grooming Tab are perfect match!

Our Pet Shop are proud to present you the Bollina Pro+ and Pet Grooming Tab for the wellness of our furkid.