Pet Grooming Tabs CO2

Conventional shampoos are not able to eliminate the deeply pores-clogging dirt & grease, which can cause unpleasantly odors. Dirty skin & coat can cause medical problems & allergies. PET GROOMING TAB(PGT) was specially developed to created CO2, a self repair ability to removed all these that captured in your pet's coat. When the CO2 in the blood increases, the brain reacts & initiates more O2 prod...uction which is carried by the red blood cells. This surge of oxygen & nutrients improves blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the pet's body revitalization process, O2 is also released to the skin cells for better blood circulation to improves metabolism & strengthen the immune system. PGT is then able to neutralize all mineral dirts & open the pores to achieve healthy skin & the coat become shiny, smooth & deeply clean. This improved blood circulation further regulates moisture, restores minor skin & coat irritations. PGT appears very effective for improving surface healing too. Add a PET GROOMING TAB when your furkid is here for our grooming service at a very affordable price! See More