Pet Grooming Tabs CO2
Conventional shampoos are not able to eliminate the deeply pores-clogging dirt & grease, which can cause unpleasantly odors. Dirty skin & coat can cause medical problems & allergies. PET GROOMING TAB(PGT) was specially developed to created CO2, a self repair ability to removed all these that captured in your pet's coat. When the CO2 in the blood increases, the brain reacts & initiates more O2 prod...uction which is carried by the red blood cells. This surge of oxygen & nutrients improves blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the pet's body revitalization process, O2 is also released to the skin cells fo.. Read more>>
Micro-Nano-Bubbles BOLLINA PRO+ & CO2 Pet Grooming Tab
Human grade Bollina Pro+ is a specially designed showerhead allowing to experience bicarbonate and micro-nano-bubble effect at the same time. Micro-Nano-Bubbles are able to remain under the water for several hours and the bubbles become smaller due to the pressure which occurred by interfacial tension, and then crush by themselves. Bollina Pr...o+ produces the bubbles by using air which is contained in water. It can generate bubbles stably since there is no influence from open air. By creating all this, it will have the completely cleansing effect from the bicarbonate ion that remove mineral dirt with its strong negatively charged ions while .. Read more>>